Newtek Consulting’s early stages

Newtek Consulting dates back to the mid 1990’s, beginning with a handful of consultants who were passionate about the newly arrived technologies, the Internet and telecommunications (remember those mobile phones 5 times thicker and twice as heavy as today’s smartphones).

Newtek Consulting’s team mostly consisted of globetrotters, ready to go anywhere in the world to help, for example, an international consortium obtain a mobile operating license in Africa, to advise the subsidiary of a European telecoms group to organize and launch its 1G or 2G services or to help a South American telecom operator boosting its sells over Internet.

It is only natural that these globetrotters should spend a certain amount of time in Switzerland during their adventures.

The birth of the Novedia Group and the launch of its Swiss subsidiary, Novedia Switzerland

In 2005, our globetrotters were bought by an IT service provider specializing in the development of J2EE and .Net applications (development languages mostly used in large IT systems).

This acquisition gave birth to the Novedia Group. With more than 400 employees, the group then encompassed a full range of know-how on digital subjects from IT development to strategic consulting, including training, communication consulting, marketing consulting, business intelligence and turnkey applications.

This new production capacity expanded the potential client base from mainly telecom operators to all economic and administrative sectors. In 2006, the group opened its first international subsidiary in Geneva, Switzerland.

This was the first structure in the group to propose all the services offered by the young Novedia Group: IT consulting and development, business intelligence, strategic consulting, communication and marketing as well as turnkey solutions.

Novedia Switzerland’s adventure

Very quickly, Novedia Switzerland met with success both at home and abroad. Benefitting from the expertise of home-grown talent and parent company support, Novedia Switzerland provided its clients with the most flexible and efficient solutions for their digital challenges.

Major players from all economic sectors: luxury goods companies, telecommunications businesses, the automotive industry and large administrations all worked hand in hand with Novedia Switzerland. Carefully selected consultants worked according to two modus operandi: either in the client’s office or remotely with regular client meetings.

Novedia Switzerland’s team succeeded in mixing oil with vinegar (Marketing and IT) through its friendly and professional approach.

Standing on its own feet: Newtek Consulting’s birth

At the beginning of 2012, Novedia Group’s shareholders decided to focus the group’s activity on its country of origin and to sell its international subsidiaries, in Switzerland and Morocco.

One of the 2006 co-founders of Novedia Switzerland, Olivier Rouve, stepped forward to take control and secure the future of the newly autonomous Swiss company. Clients and employees confirmed their trust in him and, after a period of transition, at the beginning of 2015, the company was renamed Newtek Consulting.

Newtek Consulting is not only a name that reflects our main business interests in new information and communication technologies. The name also evokes the wood, teak, which is so resilient against the rigors of weather and time”, said Olivier Rouve when unveiling the new brand. “That’s the best description of what we do. The new technologies we work with have often been perceived as revolutionary. But that overlooks what innovation actually means! Traditional economical models that have been successfully applied and optimized over centuries are still perfectly valid! [...] It is the tools and supports that change. It is down to Newtek Consulting to master both aspects so that it can provide a useful, sustainable and efficient service to its clients and fascinating work for its consultants.