Newtek Consulting guides you in your digital strategy

Embracing new information and communication technologies, whether for a communication campaign, of a new product or production assistance tool is not just necessary, it is vital. These new technologies are all around us and radically impact the way we produce, seek information, think, sell, buy, learn, work, as well as the way we relax and have fun. But, without the right digital barriers in place, they can also result in potentially dangerous investment or wrong strategic decisions by companies.

With many years of experience in this sector, in Switzerland and internationally, Newtek Consulting’s experts have perfect command of these tools whatever their function, enabling you to make good and informed decisions.

Our expertise domains include the following subjects :

Strategy Consulting

  • Identification of the major issues
  • Business modeling
  • Business planning
  • Company / Activity valuation
  • Opportunity studies

Marketing consulting

  • Competition analysis
  • Competitive and technological monitoring
  • Mobile and Internet marketing
  • Performance monitoring and optimization
  • Communication consulting
  • Sales channel and customer experience optimization
  • Customer loyalty, customer relationship management

Operational consulting

  • Quick intervention and integration by project, product & communication managers as part of your own team.

They trust us :

The Swiss subsidiary of a car manufacturer mandated us to do a complete ergonomic audit of its website.
A video game editor asked us to ensure the competitive and technological monitoring of gaming by mobile phone and on the Internet.
A Swiss telecom operator mandated us to do a competitive analysis of Swiss, French and German telecom operators’ referral programs as well as an analysis of the best practices in mass markets referral programs.
Golf & Fairway, the online golf community, asked us to build up its business plan, to conduct a tender offer for the rebuilding of its website and to coordinate the data management of its golf course directory.
An online shop specializing in jewelry mandated us to establish a street marketing campaign in Paris.

A French telecom operator asked us to redesign its customers’ processes as part of the revision of its IT system.

Since 2006, Newtek Consulting works worldwide, in Switzerland or on-site.