Umbrella company services

Many clients and freelancers have trusted Newtek Services to conduct their projects; on each occasion in a unique framework, without any need to develop accounting, tax declaration or social care insurance skills and systems. They opted for Newtek’s simplicity and flexibility.

Newtek Consulting has federal authorization to hire out services in Switzerland. Through Newtek Services, Newtek Consulting enables professionals to benefit from its operational payroll and social care insurance systems. Freelancers are employed on a full-time or part-time basis by Newtek Consulting, from whom they receive their monthly salary. Their clients then receive just one invoice a month.

Asking Newtek Services to employ a team can also be interesting for a company that prefers not to spend time and money building a payroll system. The company solely pays the salary costs, one transparent commission and only has to handle one invoice a month.

They trust us

Pierre Baccale Ramonatxo, project manager, expert in CRM and customer experience, prefers to work independently and find his own projects in Switzerland and worldwide. In order to focus on his core business, Pierre chose Newtek Services to administrate his projects. Pierre says: “accounting, VAT and tax declarations and other administrative requirements linked to an independent activity lose me time that I could be spending on my projects. It goes without saying that, when a client calls me in from another side of the world, there is no time to be lost! Newtek Services offers me a framework where I can work with confidence; it lightens my personal workload and reassures my clients”.

As part of a financial valuation project, a Swiss company chose to employ some of the operational staff needed for its marketing and communication projects through Newtek Services. The Director of Communication says: “I had to drastically reduce my external expenses. But to do so, I couldn’t hire internally. Newtek Services offered, for a reasonable cost, to carry the staff I hired who then worked inside my team just as if they were internal resources. I thus greatly reduced my budgets for external services, the job is well done, and my company does not show any new headcount, which contributes to improved financial ratios.

For its launch, the online sports goods retailer opted for Newtek Services rather than building its own payroll and social care systems. Nicolas, founder of Sportmania, says: “Between spending a huge amount of time setting up my own payroll system - with the risk of not mastering every legal aspect of it - and spending the time developing my company at a time when it needed it most, my decision was easily made. Newtek Services offered, at minimal cost, to make things very simple for me. I just receive one invoice a month: it couldn’t be better. In addition, for my staff, Newtek Services built up an ultra-flexible bonus system.