Information and communication technologies, multimedia, mobility and IT are now an integral part of our professional and personal environment, of our daily life. They offer limitless earning potential in terms of audience, establishing a reputation, turnover, productivity and service offers. But it’s a vast domain! Entertainment, communication, culture, personal and professional relationships, customer care, e-learning, productive assistance, analysis, monitoring, teleworking… Today, every aspect of our lives relies upon technologies that emerged only one or two decades ago. Controlling them, predicting their development and putting them to good use is the main challenge for every 21st century manager.

The talented teams at Newtek help clients to find the best way to incorporate these innovations in their businesses, so they can concentrate on their business: sales, research, manufacturing or administration.

Through its four main service branches, Newtek Consulting can act for its clients in a multitude of structures and situations:

Marketing and Communication Consulting

Newtek Consulting, with its Marketing and Communication experts, helps you to detect and apply the maximum potential of new media in your business sector. It helps you implement and optimize the relevant tools to achieve your objectives.

IT Consulting and Development

Newtek Solutions provides you with a team of IT architects, project managers and developers to effectively install, manage and assess your applications.

Umbrella company services

Newtek Services allows not only companies, but also freelancers and start-ups, to benefit from a fully operational payroll system. You receive one invoice or one pay sheet a month and so you are free from a large part of accounting, declarations and social insurances.


Newtek Training provides training on various subjects related to new information and communication technologies so that our know-how is also accessible to our clients.